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Do you feel like you’re drowning financially? Your debt can be resolved today. Debts such as child support, tax dues, student loans, and alimony don’t apply to bankruptcy. If you have excessive amounts of debts that you are unable to handle, filing for bankruptcy can solve your financial burden. You may find peace and relief by letting us guide you through your bankruptcy case.

Our clients are our number one priority. If you have any financial problems, we are here to solve them. Our attorneys know whether bankruptcy should be an option for you. Once you consider your options, we’ll find the right solution.

Georgia Bankruptcy Services

Chapter 7

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your assets will be sold to pay your debt off. Once you file, all applicable creditors are no longer able to collect the remaining balance you may owe. If your bankruptcy is successful, the debts you owe will be wiped clean. You may be worried about losing your home or car, but we’re here to tell you that filing Chapter 7 doesn’t have to involve your home, property, or vehicle. This is the best option if you can’t pay off your debt.

Chapter 13

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will repay your debts based on your income. You are safe from any credit lien and may keep your personal property, assets, and home. Payments are made through a payment plan. The court will appoint a trustee to make your payments, distributing the money to your creditors. You are obligated to pay back your debt. The length of time it takes you to pay your debt off is typically three to five years. Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy will affect your credit for seven to ten years.

Should you file?

Bankruptcy is the best option to save your assets from being repossessed and foreclosed. You want to put an end to the harassing phone calls and be rid of your debt! It’s time for a fresh start, and we’re here to show you the way. Consider your situation and the different types of bankruptcy before filing.

If you believe that filing for bankruptcy is the best option for you, then call to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Georgia bankruptcy attorney by emailing or calling (706)524-8651.

Brubaker Law, PC helps you and your loved ones handle estate planning, elder law, special needs planning, Medicaid planning, guardianshipprobate & estate administrationsmall business planningreal estate lawpersonal injury, and bankruptcy. We welcome you to contact our office in Comer, Georgia, to learn more about how we can help address your legal needs. While our firm serves the residents of cities like Athens, Colbert, Lexington, Danielsville, Elberton, and surrounding towns and counties, we also offer virtual meetings for convenience. If you have questions or concerns about your legal issue, please don’t hesitate to contact the attorneys with Brubaker Law, PC, to become a part of the Brubaker Law family.

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